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We take pride in our quality from start to finish. All Cromwell watches are made with top-of-the-line marine grade stainless steel (316L for you watch aficionados out there). Our watches won't corrode or fade. We are so confident of this fact we offer a lifetime warranty on all our watches. Of course certain restrictions apply but as long as you haven't abused your watch we will cover it. We use a Miyota quartz movement throughout our entire line which ensures accurate time keeping without costing an arm and a leg. All of our watch bands are made from genuine leather and our stainless steel bands are also 316L to give you that comfortable feel and quality, classy look no matter what material you decide to go with.


requiring no physical or mental exertion.

We set out to design an entire line that was "effortless" and as versatile as possible. All of our Men’s and Women's watches can easily swap watch bands via our "quick swap tab" which are integrated into the watch band. With a flick of your finger, you can easily release and re-engage a different color and or style band to fit your mood or outfit. As long as the mm (millimeter) width of the watch band matches, you are free to change to your heart's desire.



As a watch enthusiast myself, I got tired of seeing gaudy, over-the-top watches. I started looking around for a simple, sophisticated good looking watch that wasn’t ridiculously expensive. To my surprise, most watches that fit this category seemed to start around $1000 and went up from there, or I found the flip side to that coin. The watches that were affordable and fit the classic look were so cheaply made I wouldn't be proud to show it off. In doing my research, watches under $500 typically use cheap stainless steel which makes them susceptible to corrosion and a cheap movement to add insult to injury, hence why they're so cheap.

I realized there was a void in the watch world for a good looking, well-put-together watch that didn't require a credit check to acquire. I wanted to offer a classic and timeless look that anyone could afford and would be proud to wear without sacrificing quality. So that's what I did. I have a few very expensive watches in my collection and I set out to make Cromwell Watch hold up to their quality, sophisticated design  and solid feel.

I wanted a watch that would would be the same caliber as a watch costing 10 times the amount. All of our watches are made from 316L stainless steel, which is classified as marine grade. I also upgraded all of the watch insides to a Miyota Quartz movement. I won't say which well-known watchmaker uses this same movement, but they aren't inexpensive (that's my poke at you to do a simple online search, and see who I'm referring to). Nothing would make me happier than to know that at least one of my watches was in everyone's collection. #NoNakedWrists.

 Please check out the video below to see how the weight of our watches compare to the weight of watches worth $4000 plus.