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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Does my watch have a warranty?

It sure does! LIFETIME warranty on manufacture defects and workmanship. It doesn't of course cover negligence. Hitting the watch with a hammer or dropping it to see if it will bounce for instance is not covered. Also if you don't follow the water resistance limits, that's not covered. But if there is a legitimate issue please let us know and we will definitely stand behind our brand's quality and get the watch fixed or replaced. 

P.S. If it's been over a year and the watch isn't ticking, please check the battery first. Batteries are not covered.


How much is shipping?

FREEEEEE!!! Well on all watch purchases. If you only buy apparel or watch bands etc we can't sadly cover the shipping because we'd lose money. We wish we could keep the lights on and everyone paid doing good deeds but we can't. If you buy a watch then everything in your order will ship for free. 


How much will the Duties and or Customs Be?

In regards to Customs charges, taxes etc we don't know. It is impossible for us to determine what those costs will be because they are set by your government and change from time to time, That being the case, we sadly aren't able to cover that fee for you and will be your responsibility to pay before your package will be released. 


What is your return policy and who pays for the return shipping?

You can return your watch for any reason for up to 60 days and we will pay for the return shipping. If you need to return you watch please contact us via the Contact Us page or you can email us at You can also reply to the confirmation email that was sent to you at the time of your purchase.

*Sadly the same goes for the shipping on apparel or watch bands etc. We will gladly accept your return for any reason but we can't cover the shipping back to us on anything other than watches. 


I received my watch, but the second hand isn't moving.

We set all of the watches to the local timezone of the purchaser. In rare instances we've been told the crown has popped out during shipping. If that is the case please push the crown back in so it is resting on the watch case. If the crown is against the watch case and the second hand still isn't moving, please let us know so we can troubleshoot the problem and/or get you a replacement as soon as possible. We do check every watch before it leaves but things still happen and we will 100% take care of you. 

E-mail: or via our Contact Us form on the Contact Us page. 


The hands on the Chronograph dials are not point up! What's the deal?

This does happen and it's not because your watch is affordable. Even $5,000 watches will have this issue. It is a quick fix:

If the middle subdial pointer is pointed to the right:

Pull the crown (knob to adjust the time) out 2 clicks and press the bottom button on your watch. This will make the subdial hand jump back one second at a time. Continue this until the hand is straight.

If the middle subdial pointer is pointed to the left:

Pull the crown (knob to adjust the time) out 2 clicks and then press the top button on your watch. This will make the subdial hand jump forward one second at a time. Continue this until the hand is straight.

If the far left sub-dial is not centered, you will need to press the correct button (reference above) continuously. The stopwatch minute hand (far left dial) is synchronized with stopwatch second hand (middle dial).

If for any reason this does not fix the problem please email us. If we can't fix it quickly we will send you a new watch. We stand behind our watches 100%.


My leather straps are squeaking against the buckle and or case.

That may happen, we use only the best leather possible and because of it, like most leather things, they need to be broken in. The squeaking will go away in a few days with the aid of your natural oils and use throughout the day. Also remember that once your watch is on, it doesn't move so there won't be any squeaking.


My order isn't going through, and I'm irritated!

PAY YOUR INTERNET BILL! Just kidding.  It's probably us.  We strive to keep everything running as smoothly as possible, but sometimes things are outside of our control. Either way, please e-mail us:

It may also be an issue with your credit card's billing address. Please verify the address you entered is the same where your statement/bill is sent. If one number is off it will cause an error. It may also be because the submit button was pressed twice. Try starting over and only pressing the submit button once. 

If you are still having an issue with your credit card you can use PayPal. PayPal is free and you can sign up at if you don't have an account.

Please let us know what the issue is so we can fix it as soon as possible.  More importantly, let us know what you're trying to buy and the best way to contact you back. We can take orders over the phone or through e-mail if need be. We don't want anything to hinder you from covering your naked wrist! #NoNakedWrists


Why was my order cancelled?

We do apologize. Most likely it was automatically cancelled by our credit card processing company. If their computer algorithm senses fraud they'll automatically cancel the order. If you know for sure the order should not have been cancelled please re-try with a different credit card or use PayPal. Don't have a PayPal account? Go to and start one, it's free. 


What if I just love my Cromwell Watch and want to shout it from the rooftops for all to hear?

Please feel free to do just that. We love hearing our name echo through the city buildings, but just in case we are too far away, or too busy getting all your friends their watches, we would love for you to share your great experience online. Tag @CromwellWatchCo on any of your social media accounts, and tell us how you're feeling. We are always giving away free gifts, and we do that by selecting customers who support the brand via social media.

If you aren't happy for any reason, please e-mail us prior to shouting your disgust from the rooftops. As with anything in life, things do happen. We will do everything in our power to make you a happy member of the Cromwell Watch family so you are inclined to shout our praises from the rooftop after all. =)  


What do I do if my watch shows up damaged?

Please send us an e-mail immediately. We will ship you a new watch right away and deal with getting the damaged package/watch back later. The most important thing to us is making sure your wrist doesn't stay naked any longer than necessary! #NoNakedWrists


Please Include: 

Your Name

Order Number

Any relevant pictures showing the damage to help up with our claim with the shipping company. 


How soon will my watch arrive?

We do our best to ship all orders the same day (M-F excluding holidays) we receive them. If not, then we will ship your order first thing the following business day. You should receive your watch between 2-7 days depending on your order's destination State and City. We ship from Southern California to give you an idea how many sights your watch gets to see on its way to your wrist. If you need it ASAP, please e-mail us before placing your order, and we will do everything in our power to get your watch to you as fast as possible. 

Need a more exact answer? Please e-mail us with your name and confirmation number so we can give you a better idea.



Does my watch come with a protective watch case or box?

It sure does! Every Cromwell watch comes with a high quality leather style zip around case which can be seen on the Accessory page under Replacement Watch Cases. You can also upgrade your case to a Wooden Watch Box if you so desire, and you still get the leather case which you can store any number of trinkets in. Feel free to tag us on your social media with what you ended up doing with your spare case. Our customers never cease to amaze us. =)