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Watch Band: Link Sizer- Basic

Watch Band: Link Sizer- Basic



This nifty little tool allows you to take links out of your stainless steel watch bands without having to go to a jeweler. Simply place your band in the tool making sure to follow the direction of the arrow. The arrow points to the directing the pin will need to be pushed out. Line up the tool's point and the pin you wish you remove. The screw mechanism will slowly push the pin out of the band so you can remove or add links for that perfect fit.Do the opposite to add links or to reattached the links to close the watch band.

**This tool comes free with any purchase of a Stainless Steel Watch Band. One per order, per day, not per band. Want to be tricky and get more Sizers? Feel free to place a watch band order each day and we will send you one tool per band order or you can order three or more watch bands and we'll automatically upgrade you to the metal Sizer.

Do remember, you get what you pay for. this tool is made out of plastic but as long as you don't abuse the tool, it will do just fine. We do not replace these if they break, again it's a freebie. We just want to help you get your watch on your wrist as fast as possible. If you're worried your He-Man strength will be too much for the free version you can upgrade to the metal version found in the "Bands and More" section of our website. 

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